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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Things I Miss For My Children...

1. Waking up to this...
my parents sent me this picture of their backyard on Tuesday
Even when it happens in October, the first snow is magical. To wake up to the first snow of the season is to wake up to the wonder of Mother Nature and her ever changing moods. It's a reminder that nothing stays the same. It's a day filled with the possibility of future "snow days."
2. Snow days. Few things are more exciting than an early morning call saying school has been cancelled. It's even better when Mother Nature thwarts the grown-ups and lets the sun shine. It's like a surprise Christmas.
3. Saturday morning cartoons. When the world isn't centered around you, anything that caters to your wants becomes special, no matter how crappy it is.
4. Opening the cover to a textbook on the first day of class to see who had it before you... and knowing that person.
5. Grandparents who live next door.
6.  Long recesses and homework free week nights.
7. Being able to bike to the store to buyAtomic Fireballs and candy cigarettes. Okay, maybe not the candy cigarette part.