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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Portola HIlls Here We Come!

Emma started 2nd grade last Thursday (Sept. 6) and Tess started kindergarten. Tess has the same teacher, Mrs. Lindenhofen, who Emma had for kindergarten, so we are very excited, because we love her. She even has two friends from preschool in her class, although she's taking a "glass half-empty" approach to this and is very sad her other friends from preschool are not in her class. Other than that, she seems to like school and my dawdler is suddenly very concerned about being on time. At least to school. This has been a tough transition for her though and after a week of daily screaming tantrums I finally remembered Emma doing the same thing when she started kindergarten. Which means I've got a tough few months ahead.

Emma, on the other hand, is doing great and loves her teacher, Mrs. Martin. It seems after 2 years she's finally gotten the hang of school. We've even gone a few days without her asking why she can't be homeschooled.

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Sheridan said...

Hi! I finally found your blog! I like it. :)