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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yesterday I...

stood in gold-flecked sand and let the ocean lap my feet.

lay in the sun. On my stomach. Because my kids are old enough now to not be watched.

took a break between naps to marvel at my ten year old's fearlessness as she rode the waves on her boogie board.

congratulated myself for not passing on my fear of the ocean to her.

thought my three girls would look pretty darn cute in bikinis. But then saw the twenty-somethings next door in their very tiny, almost minuscule, bikinis and changed my mind.

envied those barely-there bikini girls and their perfect tan bodies. Then looked at my girls and forgot about being twenty again.

Today I am...

bribing my kids with TV if they'll fold the clothes while watching.

so happy it's summertime.

loving California.



Melanie Jacobson said...

You paint a pretty word picture.

Melinda said...

That was pretty. Definitely, almost heavenly. Thanks for the visual. :)