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Friday, July 6, 2012

I App, Therefore I Am

Here's a new segment for you:

Philosophy Phriday

If a person goes on a 32 mile bike ride but forgets to start the app that tells everyone on Facebook how far she's gone, did the ride actually happen?

My legs tell me it did, but the fact people can't "like" my ride kinda lessens the thrill of accomplishment.

And if part of that ride included a really long, steep hill, but my Facebook peeps can't see how long or steep, was it really that long or that steep?

You'll just have to believe me that it was, even without the elevation posted.

And if I can't see how many calories I burned, did I actually burn any calories?

I'm going to assume yes and go ahead and eat half a jar of nacho cheese.

View from the top of the hill I biked.
No stats, but it's the only proof I've got. 


Alyssa said...

Congratulations on getting up that hill, I tried to bike up the hill I live on and ended up walking it.

Enjoy Birth said...

Ha! I don't know if it would count. I would like to think yes, it really happened, but since I can't "like" it I don't know if it can be real.